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Your successful business relocation relies on a team of experienced, dedicated professionals from start to finish, whether you are moving to another floor or another part of town. For your essential IT equipment Denver computer movers, NETSIC Relocation, assigns trained technicians to assure a safe, efficient move and full functionality at your new site. Log off. Log on. Back in business.

What We Move

With a track record of IT relocations that spans commercial space, laboratories, healthcare facilities and warehouses, we’ve developed fail-safe processes to protect and move each workstation and its connected equipment – docking station, monitor(s), signature pad, mouse, repliport.

As IT professionals ourselves, we respect the configuration you have in place – we understand the how and why and can restore that configuration at your new location. If your IT department has a different plan, no problem – we’ve got the expertise to put it in place. Our teams are also prepared for extra security requirements and can work effectively within special environments.

How We Plan & Execute Your Computer Move to Minimize Downtime, Protect Equipment

NETSIC Relocation works with your IT department and moving company to plan and manage every aspect of workstation and data center moves. Each move takes place under the careful supervision of technicians who grasp both the big and small picture for your system.

Our proven Move-IT(SM) 6-step system provides the assurance that your equipment will be tagged, packed, unpacked and successfully reconnected:

  1. Game Plan: We meet with your relocation project manager to understand the entire scope of the move and preplan for IT requirements. With dozens of moves under our belts, we know the questions to ask before the move gets underway. Together we set expectations, clarify timelines, and identify any challenges and potential bottlenecks.
  2. Kick-off: Working with your IT department, we carefully define accountabilities and expectations for every aspect of moving your workstations and peripherals. We ask about any sensitive electronics or special handling requirements. When your IT staff has confidence that the equipment is in good hands, they can focus on cabling and restoring the system.
  3. Move-day Huddle: NETSIC team members come together onsite to review the game plan, individual assignments and key plays to coordinate with the moving company.
  4. First Play – Disconnect and Handoff: After preparing a detailed Tech Sheet for each workstation to inventory equipment, setup and user requests, we disconnect, tag and pack in static bags so that everything is staged for the moving company to load.
  5. Next Play – Set-up and Reconnect: At your new site, we unpack each workstation. The Tech Sheet guides how we set it up. Then we plug in, restart and test for connectivity. If needed, we trouble-shoot with your IT department to make sure all workstations are up and running. Moving is challenging for everyone – we’re there to make sure your system is running as you expect it to. And of course, we remove all packing materials.
  6. Score – Go Live: Arriving at the new site, your staff members will be fully connected and can get straight to work. We provide post-move support as needed, so your business can resume operations.

Logistics for Complicated, Multi-site Computer Moves

No move is easy, but some moves are more challenging than others. When you plan to relocate to – or from – more than one site, or have unusual equipment to move, NETSIC Relocation adds extra value to your team.

As a preferred computer mover in Denver, we’ve managed logistics for a range of complicated moves, including the consolidation of four separate locations onto one new site. For time-sensitive, extra-high-security moves, and those with additional equipment, we’ll make sure your team has the right resources for a safe, seamless move.

The Bottom Line for Your Relocation

We recognize that moving your business is a big decision. Usually it’s a decision made to support your growth – and perhaps cut costs, improve processes or support expansion or integration. NETSIC Relocation offers you our commitment to be there – for your management, for your IT department, for your employees – every step of the way.

Whatever your moving challenge, count on the experienced IT professionals at NETSIC Relocation to ensure the success of your relocation.

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Netsic Relocation is proud to have moved some of the best companies in the Denver marketplace.

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