Hi all,
Netsic Services and I are great friends. We see one another almost every day. If I need a little top-up on a technique for -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves.
Forest Linden's excellent video training is so thorough, easily understood and informative. I download the transcripts, print them and bind them, giving me a great ready reference.
I'd recommend Netsic Services to beginning -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- users and more experienced ones. You can always reinforce what you know – or think you know!
Thanks Netsic for great online training.

jan tJan T Urquhart Baillie
Netsic Services Client


I am pretty new to -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- and thanks to your Services I was able to create our company's transition PS Next and fell in love with -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- in the process :)

peter rosenfeldt smPeter Rosenfeldt
Netsic Services Client


Thanks Forest and Barrie! I have been wanting to build a -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- transition for my husband's business for a long time, but it seemed so complicated that I just kept putting it off. Your course is showing me that I was right and wrong. It is, in fact, a very complicated process to build my own -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- site… HOWEVER, the way you have laid out the course with such amazing clarity in the videos and written tutorials is making the whole process seem pretty simple – and actually quite fun!

Netsic Services client


As part of a small software house based in Scotland, I have a lot of experience building back-office database systems. Over the last few years I have built a few static transitions using Dreamweaver but nothing database-driven.

After picking up a book on -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- about 6 months ago in a local bookstore it wasn't long before I decided this was a great way to become involved in database-driven transitions. I had some professional assistance getting my first client transition live but courtesy of the Netsic Services course we have been able to launch the second site unassisted.

I have found the course content to be extremely helpful, relevant and absorbing. You have gone the 'extra mile' in sharing your knowledge and this has saved me countless hours trying to ferret out the information myself.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves-. Congratulations. Please keep it going! Thank you!

RichardWalshRichard Walsh
Netsic Services client


This is BY FAR the best money I've spent to learn -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves-. I have bought books, read info online, taken other tutorials. This program makes things crystal clear.

kim golden smKim Golden
Netsic Services client


Even though I have been using -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- for a while and have even built some sites already (and I have even attended other training events in person), I have to say that Netsic Services is the best so far. There were many things I had already done but there were other things that the videos showed me that I had never seen or didn't understand. Having access to the videos is priceless, I've watched them all several times and they are always nearby for quick reference. I'm thrilled that I was able to get in on the "ground floor" and plan on staying a member for a long time. Thanks, this resource is great!

CraigWilsonCraig Wilson
Netsic Services client


I LOVE Netsic Services!! I've done more on building my Music industry network in 4 days, than I was able to figure out in 4 months! Thanks for all that you do!

Brenda Meritt-Motta
Founder: Into Me See the Music


If you need a running start for managing your own -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- transition, Netsic Services will get you there fast. Simple and easy to watch videos make learning -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves- exciting and fun!

RickBlalockRick Blalock
Expression in Design



If you are just starting with -the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves-, and you want to have an easy start, Netsic Services is a great tool that will get you going in no time.

MeravKnafoMerav Knafo
i-the Move-IT 6 Step System for IT Moves-

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