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Keith Milligan, owner and founder of NETSIC (Network Systems IT Company) and DSI Experts, launched NETSIC Relocation to serve the complex requirements of IT moves.

While relocation firms and traditional moving companies play a central role when businesses need to move or expand, NETSIC Relocation bridges the gap to serve IT departments with specialized technical talent and resources to successfully navigate the move.

" As our NETSIC IT clients added staff and expanded into new space, we needed a dedicated team to help plan how to move efficiently and with minimal business disruption. The NETSIC Relocation team draws on the same broad-based IT knowledge, deep project experience and solid training that built NETSIC IT into a leader among Denver IT service providers."
Keith Milligan, Founder
NETSIC IT, DSI Experts, NETSIC Relocation

Managing Hard & Soft Details for A Successful IT Move

As the trusted IT service provider and partner for a broad range of businesses, NETSIC IT has gained extensive know-how with both legacy systems and leading-edge technology. We track emerging applications and welcome the challenge of serving our clients with resilient IT solutions and ongoing integration and support.

NETSIC Relocation team leaders often start their journey on the services side, at NETSIC IT. They receive training and mentoring from the firm’s principals and key staff. Equally important, they have direct access to NETSIC IT’s experience and problem-solving talent at any time during an IT relocation.

Every relocation project lead is a trained IT professional first, with project management experience and industry training in today’s most-used platforms. This means NETSIC Relocation is uniquely prepared to understand your IT framework and strategy, and care for individual workstations and other physical components in the process of a move.

About the Core Team

We recognize that even the best-planned business move unfolds with stress baked into the process. As your IT relocation partner, our first job is to convey the assurance you need that NETSIC Relocation’s systematic approach has you and your equipment covered.

Our second job is to choose the best people to serve you – organized, efficient, resourceful, helpful and friendly. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: drug-screened and background-checked to assure safety and security. 

Meet The Team

"In 2008, Keith Milligan looked at the standard among IT companies and the service they provided, and saw a need to raise the bar. He knew that he could provid..."

Keith Milligan, Owner

"As an IT Relocation Manager, Austin Johnson, coordinates and schedules relocation projects and is responsible for staffing.  He oversees and ensures proj..."

Austin Johnson, IT Relocation Manager

"In her position as IT Relocation Manager, Marcia Coble is responsible for the development, growth and overall performance of the relocation team.  On any..."

Marcia Coble - IT Relocation Manager

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Netsic Computer Move Count on trusted Denver IT movers, NETSIC Relocation, when it’s time to move or restack workstations and other sensitive electronics in your office, warehouse, healthcare facility or laboratory.
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A strategic and expertise approach is taken every step of the way to ensure a seamless move. Our process includes working closely with your team to drive the process with little downtime. We cover all bases with our project management, consulting, disconnect and reconnect, secured network and equipment protection services.

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